Modern Contact Lens Materials and Modalities

In today’s competitive and consumer-based market, there is a vast selection of contact lenses to choose from. Monthly or daily disposables, hydrogel or silicon hydrogel, continuous vs daily wear – these can all be very confusing and difficult to understand. When it comes to replacing your prescription soft lenses, most are approved for either one… Continue reading Modern Contact Lens Materials and Modalities

Children’s Vision Month

In just a few days, it will be October which is Children’s Vision Month! School is back in full swing and if your children haven’t had their annual complete eye examination with an optometrist, October is a great time to do so. During an examination, your child’s vision will be tested to make sure they… Continue reading Children’s Vision Month

How Many Contact Lenses Were in Her Eye?!

Social media was abuzz recently due to a report of a woman in the UK having 27 contact lenses in her eye! The story went viral and was picked up by most major news outlets in North America – you can read the CTV article here. This is obviously an incredibly rare event, but nonetheless… Continue reading How Many Contact Lenses Were in Her Eye?!

Ocular Damage from the Sun

The summer season has officially arrived and the temperatures have begun to rise accordingly. Everyone loves to enjoy the sun this time of year, but the risk of harmful ultraviolet radiation exposure needs to be taken seriously. As a recent report from the Canadian Cancer Society has outlined (, one in two Canadians will be… Continue reading Ocular Damage from the Sun

Opening Eyes at the Special Olympics

This past weekend, June 16-18, was the Saskatchewan Special Olympics Summer Games and they were hosted right here in Moose Jaw! Approximately 250 athletes participated and there were over 150 volunteers in total. PECC is proud to have supplied several of those volunteers! One of the many “clinics” set up for the athletes at Mosaic… Continue reading Opening Eyes at the Special Olympics

Colour Vision Deficiency – A Lot More Than Meets The Eye

A very common vision problem that tends to be misunderstood is colour blindness. As most people know, it is not a form of blindness but a problem with how a person sees colours. In almost all cases, colour blindness is a misnomer as the individual still sees colours, but they are limited and inaccurate compared… Continue reading Colour Vision Deficiency – A Lot More Than Meets The Eye