October is Children’s Vision Month

We all want our children well prepared for the school year. New sneakers, new books and just the right backpack. One of the most important things you can do for your child is get them a yearly eye exam. 80% of what we learn, we learn thorough our eyes. School makes huge demands on the visual pathway.  20/20 vision or good visual acuity does not always insure good vision. Binocular vision (your eyes working together), focusing ability and processing  visual information properly are necessary to learn from what our eyes see. If your child is having problems with reading comprehension, word decoding , retention or lateral-directional deficits, a special eye exam called non- refractive testing may be necessary.  A regular eye exam is paid for by the provincial government until age 18.

To learn more visit Children’s Vision Month on the Canadian Association of Optometrist’s website.

Children's Vision

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