Risks of Non-prescription Costume Contact Lenses

As a follow up to our very popular Facebook post last week and with Halloween fast approaching, the topic of non-prescription costume contact lenses should be further discussed. Prescription contact lenses are a medical device, and has been recognized as such for a long time by Health Canada. Non-prescription contact lenses have been recognized as also… Continue reading Risks of Non-prescription Costume Contact Lenses

A Beginner’s Guide to Refractive Laser Surgery

Have you ever found yourself interested in having laser surgery to reduce your dependency on glasses or contact lenses? Or maybe you just are curious what is involved in the process. Read on to learn about the procedures, pre-op considerations, post-op care, and Horizon Laser Vision Center.   The two most commonly performed refractive laser surgeries… Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Refractive Laser Surgery

Eye See…Eye Learn!

Fall is now here and the kids are all back to school! As our blog post earlier this week had discussed, October is Children’s Vision Month. The Saskatchewan Association of Optometrists has once again teamed up with SK Health and many school boards across the province to promote the Eye See…Eye Learn program. The program… Continue reading Eye See…Eye Learn!

Air Optix Colors – Live In Color Event

On Thursday September 17th, we had a unique event to promote the new Air Optix Colors contact lenses. Over 40 people came into the office specifically to try out these new lenses, and see what they look like with a different eye color! Jesyka Soboczynski, a professional makeup artist here in Moose Jaw, was at… Continue reading Air Optix Colors – Live In Color Event

Your Eyes and the Computer

Many people are chained to their desk doing an unnatural task, staring at a computer screen. The result is eyestrain, dry eyes, slowness in changing focus, contact lens discomfort, neck aches and back pain. When using a computer your blink rate goes down by two thirds.  The result is dry, stinging eyes.  So blink more… Continue reading Your Eyes and the Computer